zondag 3 juli 2011

Spanish Liga Tranfers 2011-2012

Often regarded as one of the most interesting football leagues in Europe, Spanish La Liga attracts huge crowds, not only in Spain but in other parts of the world as well. With Barcelona largely dominating the competition, the title race may not have been too interesting of late, but that looks set to change now that Real Madrid are creating a new squad of Galacticos.
Seeing that clubs like Villarreal, Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and now Athletic Bilbao also have high ambitions, the battle for Champions League and Europa League places is pretty exciting as well, with the fierce competition making every league game an enthralling encounter.
Add to that the fact that half of the teams are usually fighting for survival until the final round of the season and you will see why Spanish La Liga has a special place on our website. Spanish soccer transfers are, therefore, very appealing to football fans from all over the world, which is why our team of football experts will make sure to keep you up to date to the latest football transfers from Spanish top flight.
The Spanish La Liga football transfers page will only contain officially confirmed deals, be them purchases, loan deals or free transfers, meaning you can be sure that the deal that appears on this page is done and dusted. On the other hand, transfer rumours and deals expected to be completed soon can be found in the transfer news section.
As soon as the transfer is officially completed and announced by the club in question, it will appear on the football transfers page, making it easy for you to see which teams have done well in the latest transfer window and how much they have paid for every individual player. It is not easy to keep track of all transfers even from a single league as there is a good chance that you will have forgotten all about a transfer as soon as you have found out about few more deals, but we have made sure to create a place that you can visit every time you feel the need to go over all the Spanish soccer transfers.
If you would also like to know more about completed transfers from other top leagues, you can simply visit English Premier League Transfers and Italian Serie A Transfers sections. The rest of Europe transfers are available as well, meaning that all the latest transfers from top European leagues will always be just a click away.

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