maandag 25 juli 2011

Justo Villar is the best goalkeeper Petrobras of the 2011 Copa America!


  • During the competition, Justo Villar, 34, was elected the best LG player of the match against Brazil. After this game, the goalkeeper became the great name of the Paraguayan squad. In the next game, against Venezuela, in the semis, another impeccable performance. In the final, he ended with the silver medal. 

    Despite the defeat, the goalkeeper was the highlight of the game. He made important defenses, and led his selection, as a consolation prize takes the award for best goalkeeper Petrobras 2011 Copa America, and a glorious silver medal.

    Villar grew in the second stage of the competition, against Brazil the goalkeeper suffered 120 minutes of pressure and left no ball swing his networks. In the semifinal, against Venezuela, made important saves, and suffered no goal in two matches, the team’s captain saved a penalty, which ensured the Paraguayans in the decision.

    During the competition, a real miracle. In the second half against Brazil, Pato dominated in the area and strongly kicked. The ball touched the ground, changed its track and gained speed, but Villar stood in front of the Brazilian striker, stretched around snapping the ball with his leg. What a save, Villar! 

    In today's decision, two miracles. On the first play of danger of Uruguay, in the first minute of the first stage, Lugano head out of the area, free of marking, a real shot, and Villar saved. At the very end of the match, a kick from very close, the ball swerves and veers, but the captain Guarani went back and did a miracle save. 

    Besides the silver medal, the Paraguayan goalkeeper received this well-deserved award from Petrobras. Congratulations, you're the best goalkeeper of the 2011 Copa America!


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