donderdag 7 juli 2011


Returning for pre-season training, John Terry has spoken once more of his excitement at our pre-season tour to Asia, which begins in under two weeks.
The team fly to Malaysia on July 17, arriving a day later, and Terry is already looking forward to seeing some new faces, both in the camp and out.
'They're always great trips,' he said, when asked about life on tour. 'There are often new signings who come on board and they're great for those guys, we are away for two weeks and from a football perspective it's a great chance for everyone to get to know each other.
'Then on a different level we go to a lot of events, and you get to meet some great people who are sometimes in a similar environment, but in different professions. It's great to talk to people like that, and they are always really down to earth and like to show their support for the football club.
'We've met some great people over the years, Will Ferrell, Tony Blair, Snoop Dogg, the Williams tennis sisters.
'We talk about nice places to go to eat or something like that, you make general chit-chat, and sometimes it's just nice to talk about something other than football!'
But then of course it is the football that is the main reason for the trip, to promote the club to the hundreds of thousands of fans that turn out to see the team in action, and with four games to come inside a 10-day period, Terry is well aware of the levels of support that await.
'It always surprises me with the fans, I've seen myself how much bigger the club has got commercially. It's nice to see us grow and the players know how important these tours are and embrace it as much as possible,' he said.
'Fans in Asia show a real passion and I know they have to sit up at three or four in the morning to watch games in England, and I just love that commitment so it will be great to get out there and reward them for that.'

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