woensdag 13 juli 2011

In a record night, Diego Forlan was elected the best LG player

The number 10 of Uruguay, Diego Forlan, was named LG player of the game, in the victory over Mexico by 1-0. The Athletic Madrid striker, who in last World Cup was voted best player of the competition, returned to play his great football and was instrumental in the classification of the Celeste.
The night was good to Forlan. The game marked a career record of the attacker in the history of the bi-champion of the world team. It was the 79th time that the soccer star wore the Celeste jersey, surpassing the former goalkeeper Rodolfo Rodriguez. The owner of 10 jersey is also two goals to become the leading scorer of the national team, that’s for now is Héctor Scarone, with 31 goals.
Forlan was the most sought opponents' goal, with the total of eight shots on goal. But the number 10 stood out by arming plays, and most passing attack passed by his feet, so he hit 47 passes and gave two accurate crosses, which left his comrades face to face with the goalkeeper. The main star of Uruguay, who had not yet made a good showing in the 2011 Copa America, now redeemed himself and led his selection into the next phase.
In the first step, especially with the shot from outside the area on 16 minutes, he took a lot of danger, but Suarez missed the rebound. After that, he got in front of the goal, shot at the corner of the goal, but the ball stooped into the bar.
Back for the second half, Uruguay continued to press in an attempt to increase the score. Forlan almost scored his own, after receiving cross from the left, gave a light touch that almost hid the Mexican goalkeeper. At 17 minutes, he left Suarez in a position to score, but also lost the opportunity. At 25, in a beautifully play, after a cross, Forlan received and passed to Diego Peres, who kicked close to the goal.
These were only a few plays of the best LG player of the match, which increased the level in the field. Forlán was replaced in the last minute and left the field standing ovation.


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