zondag 24 juli 2011

This was the most intelligent match of Peru in the competition, said the coach Markarián

  • LA PLATA, July 23, 2011 (AFP) - Peru's national team coach, Uruguayan Sergio Markarian, said Saturday that his team made "the most intelligent game of all games" to terminate its participation in Copa America against Venezuela, in 2011, by a 4-1 win, and claim the third place.
    "I thank my players for the way they behaved, smartly played, I also thank the Peruvian crowd that accompanied the selection very carefully", the coach said at a press conference in La Plata.
    Markarian also sayd that even getting third place in the Copa America, "has not won anything" and explained that the main goal now is the World Cup qualifier, played in Brazil, 2014.
    The veteran coach said the "seriousness and precision" of their athletes during competition, and also noted that all the teams were locked in the defense, since they did not have much time to prepare as they would like.
    Markarian also praised the work done during the Copa America in Venezuela, and said that "America is showing new strength."
    It had a separate coach for the performance of striker Paolo Guerrero, Hamburg of Germany, who scored three goals against Venezuela, saying that "shots with great precision."
    "We're happy with what he did, the attack would be weaker without him. God willing, this will serve as a beginning of what we expect from it", he said.
    Markarian said that after the match of the 2011 Copa America, many of his players "consolidated", set an example of Carlos Lobaton (Sporting Cristal), William Chiroque (Juan Aurich) and Renzo Revoredo (Universitario).
    When making a prediction of the qualifiers for the World Cup, Markarian says "no game is easy", since many teams have added to their teams and their proposals for changing the game.


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