zondag 24 juli 2011

Paolo Guerrero scored three goals, and takes home, besides the third place, the prize for best LG player


  • The Peruvian and Hamburg (GER) striker, Jose Paolo Guerrero scored three goals in the game today, and isolated as the competition's top scorer with five goals, won the bronze medal and was named player LG of the match. Peru won Venezuela by 4-1 and got the third position in the 2011 Copa America. The owner of the 9 shirt received 37.8% of the votes of Internet users who accessed the competition website ( during the game, plus the votes of journalists from the CONMEBOL. It is the second time the player won the award.
    Guerrero was the owner of the second half. The game was 1-0 to Peru, the match was unemotional and balanced, when the attacker decided to appear. At 18 minutes of the second half, the top scorer dominated the ball and calmly kicked strong to extend the score.
    In addition, the 9 shirt scored twice. At 45, Guerrero dribbled and kicked to score 3-1 for Peru. Two minutes later, Guerrero squandered category with class and played kicked in the output of Vega. It was his third goal in the game, giving the final numbers to the match and leaving the Peruvians with the honorable third place in 2011 Copa America


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