zaterdag 9 juli 2011

Vargas, the best LG player of the match

  • AFP
  • By Felipe Atra

    Juan Vargas, the midfield n of Peru and Fiorentina, of Italy, did not score his goal, but shook the bar twice, made accurate passes and almost every attack of his team went through his feet. The beautiful performance in the victory of Peru by 1-0 against Mexico, the jersey number 6 was voted best LG player with 29.8% of the votes on the official website of the competition (
    The first half went without much emotion, but in the back half of the range he decided to play and became the great character of the match, which was reflected in the attitude of his team. Vargas sought the game; the team organized the frame stronger and went to the attack.
    At 58, in the first great Peruvian scoring chance, Guerrero Vargas straightened and kicked hard, and the ball exploded off the post. Then on 72 minutes, the player of the game changed in strength by category and kick accurately placed the ball between the two crossbars, out of pure precious it did not enter the goal. With so much pressure, the goal was dropped at 81, when Guerrero only had the job of pushing into the goal.
    With the victory, Peru is still alive in the Copa America, has the same four points behind Chile, which is ahead by a goal. The next challenge for the coach Sergio Markarian is Chile; the dueling leaders, on Tuesday, 12, in Mendoza.


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