woensdag 13 juli 2011

Tabarez waiting game 'very hard' against Argentina

  • LA PLATA, July 13, 2011 (AFP) - Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez said on Tuesday he expects a "very hard” match against Argentina in the quarterfinals of the Copa America.

    "Nothing is written before the matches, but it is a very difficult opponent, we could face now or later", Tabarez said after the victory over Mexico, in La Plata.

    Next Saturday, in the stadium Brigadier Lopez of Santa Fe, Uruguay will decide against Argentina a place in the semifinals.

    "We want to forget the (World Cup) team. What for? This is another time. One World Cup is more motivating than a Copa America, with all due respect, but we want results", said Tabarez.
    The coach estimated that if wins Argentina the "journalists will say that reappeared the Uruguay of South Africa, but this is not it."

    "Despite the fact that we still have not developed a full game that we like, this is the same group as South Africa and we are used to get up in difficult times, and this is a very difficult time, but also very motivating."


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