woensdag 20 juli 2011

Chivas Guadalajara 0-3 Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo conquers San Diego with hat-trick against the Mexican side, which couldn't keep up to the Whites' pace in the second half

Real Madrid earned a solid defeat over Chivas Guadalajara in the second match of the preseason. A hat-trick by Cristaino Ronaldo in only nine minutes ended with the Mexican side's chances.
Coentrao made the starting lineup due to Xabi Alonso's last minute drop. The Portuguese player was active as central midfielder making steals and creating ball movement. Real Madrid approached Chivas' goal several times and Ronaldo had two chances to score in the opening seven minutes, but they were both cleared by goalkeeper Luis Michel.

The Mexican side has been training longer than Real Madrid and is meant to be physically fitter, but it only approached Adan's goal with danger once and Varane was there to save the day. The young French defender was active in both boxes, having a chance to score his team's opener a few minutes later from a header that was saved by the keeper.

With new players on the pitch, the game's pace slowed down in the second half but Real still reached Chivas' goal often. Luis Michel was forced to save a shot from outside the box by Callejon, and later a chance by Benzema, who had been served an excellent pass by Ozil. The French striker tried again six minutes later, but the goalie saved the day with his fists once again.

Goals were bound to arrive and Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up his game to provide them. He scored his first strike finishing off a good cross from Benzema down the right (72'), he then hit the crossbar after receiving a long pass from Callejon (73'), he scored the second goal from a penalty awarded from an Arellano tackle on Pepe (75'), and the third by finishing off an assists from Ozil (81').


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