dinsdag 5 juli 2011

All news about Liverpool for today:

Its transfer season and all Liverpool FC supporters are guessing and speculating on every rumour, tweet and so called ITKs inside information that pops around the internet and papers, but right now fans are disappointed and anxious, why? Well it’s because LFC have not made a top marquee signing.
But before you start to tweet Mr Henry with your frustrations and burn your season ticket just hold on and look at what’s happening at LFC at this moment, Liverpool’s youth players are a fantastic crop of young talent, also we have a manager in Kenny Dalglish who has been there before and knows exactly what the club and fans need to progress and develop.
Yes Liverpool need to buy top quality players in key positions, not only to step into the first eleven but to make competition for places more tougher, buying players alone will not bring Liverpool the success we all crave for but a long term business plan with its focus heavily based on development of the youth and with the improvement of the current first team we will become a force that will scare the whole of Europe again.
Everyone wants Liverpool to sign the top British & European players but we all have to get a reality check and realise that we won’t attract every player just on the name Liverpool alone, and the players who are not attracted by Liverpool FC are clearly not the players we should be looking for in the first place.
FSG will invest into the team but only the right ones for the club not by a wish list produced by supporters or the media, we will all have to walk on through the rain while we rebuild but there will be a golden sky at the end.

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