woensdag 21 december 2011

BREAKING NEWS: sensation on the Dutch Football

Players from AZ walked off in protest

During the game ( after 38 minutes played) between Ajax and AZ for the KNVB - Beker a support suddenly appears from nowhere behind the AZ's keeper Esteban, who reacted by kicking his attacker to the ground a couple of times, before the security took the "idiot" supporter away.

Referee Bas Nijhuis consequently showed the attacked AZ goolkeeper a straight red car for misconduct. The coach Gertjan Verbeek entered the pitch and ordered his players to leave the field and head for the dressing rooms.
Representatieves of both sides and match officials were currently in talks about whether to continue the match or not, but the coach called a strike and the game was resumed.

This is a very unusual situation and it's not yet clear what it will happen to the score (Ajax was ahead 1 goal), to the public at the Arena in Amsterdam who payed lot of money to watch this match. Or whatsoever ... 

Never a situation like that happened in the Netherlands that one of the teams walked off in protest!

What's gonna happen now? What will be the further consequences? We've got to wait ...

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