donderdag 8 december 2011

Ajax = victim of bribery

Yesterday Ajax was eliminated in the Champions League. Lyon won 's ridiculous 7-1 in Zagreb. Happiness? Well played? Or is there corruption?

Ajax lost to Real Madrid with a defeat of 0-3. This was only a side issue in a bizarre football night. Olympique Lyon won with a score of 7-1 samples from Dinamo Zagreb. This was the goal difference Lyon better than that of Ajax results in: Lyons, Ajax eliminated. This result has raised questions in many viewers, fans and voetbalkennend Netherlands. The 7-1 has been admirable, but there are more arguments as they might show that there is bribery.
The alleged wink
One of the most striking moments in the game is 'the wink' Zagreb defender through to Lyon striker Gomis. The striker had scored just before the 5-1. Instead of an angry or bewildered eyes treated the defeated defender Vida the attacker a wink. This wink was recorded by cameras. Especially after these suspicions and accusations rained hint of bribery, especially on twitter.

Research ...
The French ARJEL (Autorité de Regulation des Jeux and Ligne) is investigating the match between Lyon and Zagreb last night. ARJEL's supervisor at the gokwezen. "We are currently checking on things," said a spokesman.

Previous bribes
One of the most famous alleged bribery scandals of the match Spain-Malta in 1983. Netherlands had as well is certainly qualified for Euro 1984. Spain would never had the goal difference of the Netherlands (11) to catch up. Surprisingly, Spain Malta won, 12-1. Spain went to the EC, the Netherlands is not ... Look the pictures back from that game and judge for yourself ...

Do you know more alleged bribery scandals? Let's hear it ...


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