zaterdag 10 december 2011

"El Clásico" tonight!

Real Madrid vs Barcelona

All eyes in the entire football world aimed Saturday from 22:00 at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. This is not just a game. This is  El Clásico. A clash between perhaps the two best football teams in the world.

The rivalry between Barça and Real Madrid is known for its historical, geographical, political and ideological background. Inside and outside the lines are the two biggest rivals. The rivalry since the arrival of Jose Mourinho to Madrid increased, and sometimes even grows to hate. It's not just the spicy sayings and actions of the Portuguese coach, but the fact that Barcelona is often "plays football from another planet". And that makes Real sick to the stomach.

Cristiano Ronaldo looking forwards to El Clásico
Cristiano Ronaldo can not wait until tonight for the game at home from Real Madrid against FC Barcelona.

Real Madrid is making a very strong season and is currently the lead in the Primera Division. Real defends tonight's own Estadio Santiago Bernabeu ahead of six points from the Catalans.

Ronaldo can not wait until the game starts. "I look forward to tonight's game", said the flamboyant Portuguese know via his Twitter account. 

If you can't watch this game on tv, don't worry ... to watch this game stream live, check this link to see what's the best for you:

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