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Johan Cruyff made racial comment towards Edgar Davids, claims Ajax supervisory board member

Steven ten Have has stated that the Dutch legend has indeed made discriminatory comments against the former Juventus and Barcelona player

Johan Cruyff (PROSHOTS
Johan Cruyff

Ajax supervisory board member Steven ten Have has confirmed that club icon Johan Cruyff made racial comments towards fellow commissioner Edgar Davids.

Davids revealed on Sunday afternoon that he had been on the receiving end of derogatory comments during board meetings, but refused to mention any names.
"Sometimes people cross the line within the supervisory board. There have even been racist comments. I don't want to go into details, but it's not easy to hold this position," he explained.

Nevertheless, Studio Voetbal stressed later on Sunday that Cruyff was the one who insulted Davids.

"You are only on the supervisory board because you're black," Cruyff allegedly said, a statement that was later claimed to be true by Ten Have.

"Unfortunately, that statement is true. Edgar has been insulted and has received shocking treatment," Ten Have revealed.

Cruyff has had a troublesome relationship with the other four members of the supervisory board right from the start, but things spiralled out of control last week with the appointment of Louis van Gaal as the club's new CEO behind the legendary No.14's back.

Edgard Davis


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