dinsdag 29 november 2011

Ajax supervisory board members Johan Cruyff, Edgar Davids & three more asked to step down

The Amsterdam side's members council has asked all five commissioners to resign as they no longer have their support

The Ajax members council has asked supervisory board members Johan Cruyff, Edgar Davids, Steven ten Have, Paul Romer and Marjan Olfers to resign in the wake of a four-hour meeting on Monday evening.

The club's governing body had called a meeting to discuss the ongoing power struggle between Cruyff and the other four commissioners and they have now decided that none of the five has a future at the club in an official position.
"The majority of the members council has expressed its disappointment with the methods used by the supervisory board. We have therefore asked them to step down from their positions," members council chairman Rob Been Jr. said in a press conference.

"We expect a response to our request on Tuesday. Additionally, we ask the commissioners to never return to Ajax in a similar position. This also goes for Johan Cruyff." 

If the members of the supervisory board refuse to step down following the members council's request, the future of the five commissioners will be discussed during the next shareholders meeting on December 12.

With 73 per cent of the shares in the hands of the club's members, an exit for Cruyff, Davids and the others seems inevitable.


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