zondag 1 januari 2012

Top 10 Mourinho Quotes

José Mourinho: love him or hate him!

1 - "Everybody was waiting for Chelsea not to win every game, and one day when we lose, there will be a holiday in the country."

- "If they made a film of my life, I think they should get George Clooney to play me. He's a fantastic actor and my wife thinks he would be ideal."

- "We are on top at the moment, but not because of the club's financial power. We are in contention for a lot of trophies because of my hard work."

- "It's like having a blanket that is too small for the bed. You pull the blanket up to keep your chest warm and your feet stick out. I cannot buy a bigger blanket because the supermarket is closed. But the blanket is made of cashmere!"

- "I always wanted to coach a big club in Italy. The job at Inter is a big challenge for me. And I do believe it could be very entertaining for the journalists."

6 - "Your question sounds gay to me."

7 - "Look, I'm a coach, I'm not Harry Potter. He is magical, but in reality, there is no magic. Magic is fiction and football is real."

8 -"I am more scared of the bird flu than football. What is football compared with life?”

9 -"The style of how we play is very important. But it is omelettes and eggs. No eggs, no omelettes! It depends on the quality of the eggs. In the supermarket you have class one, two or class three eggs and some are more expensive than others and some give you better omelettes. So when the class one eggs are in Waitrose and you cannot go there, you have a problem."

10 - "Please don't call me arrogant, but I'm European champion and I think I'm a special one."

Source: Bleacher Report

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