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Do all football players can be coaches?

I was doing some researching and I've found this article which I've found very funny and I want to share it here.
It's about the ...

25 world footballers who would make horrible coaches. 

Great coaches are almost always former players. But great players rarely turn in to great coaches.

25 - Thierry Henry


Why not?
That kind of arrogance/swagger is great in players. Apart from Jose Mourinho, it's not generally an indicator of managerial excellence.

24 - Joey Barton


Why Not?
Well, if you like a snot-nosed punk who starts fights on the pitch, continues others on Twitter, taunts fans and alienates everybody, including his own teammates, then Joey Barton is your man.
If not, it's no big mystery.

23 - Ashley Cole


Why Not?
Loyalty is not a buzzword for Ashley Cole.
After coming through the ranks at Arsenal, he engineered a move across town to higher-paying Chelsea in 2006 after some super-secret hotel meetings the year before.
Then he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar (pun intended) and lost his crazy-hot wife Cheryl Tweedy because of it.
And, you know, that's exactly the kind of loyalty you want in a manager.

22 - John Terry


Why Not?
Loyalty, schmoyalty. John Terry has Ashley Cole beat.
The allegations are disputed, but the married Terry allegedly had an affair with the former girlfriend of Terry's former teammate. If they're not true, it's mighty strange that Terry would resort to a super injunction to keep them unpublished.
If that's not enough for you, Terry in 2001 was involved in an ugly incident with American tourists in the aftermath of 9/11. Last year there was that whole racism controversy.
So, bad manager? Probably. Bad human being? Definitely.

21 - Didier Drogba


Why Not?
Compared to his teammate John Terry, Didier Drogba is a saint. He's just too arrogant a saint to be a good manager.
Seriously, how arrogant must one be to earn a reprimand from Piers freakin' Morgan?

20 - Marouane Fellaini


Why Not?
Atop the mostly empty noggin of a football player, that hair is way cool.
Atop the cranium of a manager, it's a source of serious concern.
Get a haircut and we'll talk.

19 - Luis Suarez


Why Not?
In defending himself against allegations of racist conduct, Luis Suarez claimed, in effect, that he called Patrice Evra "negro" on the pitch because that's just what people do in South America.
OK, Luis. Call your players that (in our hypothetical universe where you're a manager) and see what happens.

18 - Mario Balotelli


Why Not?
Does anyone ever know what's going on in the mind of Mario Balotelli?

17 - Carlos Tevez


Why Not?
Ditto to the Balotelli comments. Plus, we just don't see Tevez putting his players through any grueling conditioning exercises while fish and chips are waiting to be consumed.

16 - Wayne Rooney


Why Not?
Try as they might, the players just wouldn't be able to look away from Rooney's hair plugs.

15 - Dimitar Berbatov


Why Not?
Too scary.
Now, if this were a list of great candidates for future Dracula impersonators (or, apparently, Christopher Walken characters), then we'd be golden.

14 - Peter Crouch


Why Not?
His players would be too busy trying to devise ways to seduce his wife.
Also he’s not the type to instill confidence in his subordinates. More like giggles and snickers.

13 - Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Why Not?
He's a terrible teammate and seems like a thoroughly terrible person as well.

12 - Filippo Inzaghi


Why Not?
Would he have enough time for footie and footsie? What would all the women of Europe do without him?

11 - Gennaro Gattuso


Why Not?
Too scary, but in a different way than Berbatov.
More like scary in the sense that he'd beat up all his players.

10 - Pepe


Why Not?
His teams would have to forfeit matches for lack of eligible players after a spate of well-deserved red cards.

9 - Nigel de Jong


Why Not?
Also too scary. One of his players would turn up dead one day after training.

8 - Robinho


Why not?
His sexual goals are too lofty (40 condoms!). They would get in the way.

7 - Cristiano Ronaldo


Why Not?
Need we say it?
OK, then. Coaching would get in the way of his social life. He's got a new (and increasingly hotter) girlfriend every week.
He can't take criticism. He's a poor loser.
And before he's done, he'll be an all-time great. The all-time greats don't usually turn into good  — or even mediocre — managers.

6 - Sergio Ramos


Why Not?
Too pretty. The lads might get confused.

5 - Dirk Kuyt


Why Not?
No one can pronounce his name.
All at once now, you Britishers: It's pronounced "Kite."
Not "Kowt."
Once we get this down, Kowt is on his way to management.

4 - Hulk


Why Not?
Umm, all his players would become bodybuilders out of shame.
And all their games would turn into American Gladiators.

3 - Damien Duff


Why Not?
If we were playing for Damien Duff, we'd find it impossible to stop wondering where he left the pot of gold.
OK, OK, sorry. That was uncalled for.
We meant we'd be after his Lucky Charms.

2 - Brek Shea


Why Not?
Would you want to play for a dude that looks like this?

1 - Lionel Messi


Why Not?
Like we already said, the really great players don’t generally make good — or even mediocre — managers.
Maybe that's because it’s too hard for them to vocalize what makes them great.

Source: bleacher report

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